Nothing In Return

by Burden

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released April 29, 2016

Recorded by Brett Harrington at Sick String Productions



all rights reserved


Burden Brockton, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Marcus Aurelius
Walk towards the light
So I can see through you
You gave me life
I still don't know what to do
The best revenge
Is to be unlike him
He who performed the injury

I'm turning over in my grave
There's nothing that you can save
When you're put under ground
It is time to turn this around
I was so near
How the fuck did I end up here
Tremendously naive to believe that you and me were dear
It is time to face your fears

Turning over a brand new leaf inside the dead of winter
Who will be the first of us who starts to decay and wither?

There's a time and place for everything
I'll show you when the both collide
I'll see you on the other side
I wish that I could say goodbye
Say goodbye just one more time
I'll see you on the other side
Open your eyes you're so fuckin blind
Take what's yours
and I will take what's mine
I'll see you on the other side
I never want to see you again
Track Name: Nothing In Return
I gave you all the gold I had
But you wanted silver
To truly give is to expect
Nothing in return ever

Until my eyes can't see
I will keep looking up
It is the optimist in me
But the glass is still empty
Something's are so easy to believe
Just believe that

I gave you all the gold I had
But you wanted silver
To truly give is to expect
Nothing in return ever

All that I've made up is my mind
Track Name: Let It Be Known
I would tell you about my dreams
But what are they without sleep
What is it like to speak
With broken false teeth
Out of all the promises that we made
You were the one I couldn't keep
I'll remember you if you remember me

Once a well oiled machine
We've become far too rusted
We brought foes to smithereens
But we are now what's busted
Past or present I wish I was
The one you could have trusted
Apologies still unaccepted
And so am I

I tried so hard not to try
Never again in my fucking life
Track Name: Dead Center
This is now
I want to stick around
I can't believe what I found
Sometimes I think
What if I never made a sound
Out loud, within, inside out

Even on the darkest days I am so
Grateful that you're alive
I look inside myself and this is what I find
My stomach is empty
But I am not hungry
All that I know is I'm still
Looking for something

And with every passing day
And moment that fleets away
There is so much at stake
And still so many breaths left to take
This is now
I want you to stick around
I can't believe what we found
Sometimes I think, I wonder
I wonder if I never made a sound
Track Name: I Want To Believe
I am running, but I can't find my way out
I'm scared, but I won't lost sight
But you already closed your eyes
Yet to be honest I've been blinking
I've spent a lot of time thinking
Oh it's killing me inside
We spent a lot of time drinking
You could hold on to save your life

What was the point
In leaving this behind
You came and fucking went
I will take what is mine

Life is great despite
Whether or not I
Believe it right now
I would make things better if I only knew how
I am begging you don't leave empty handed
I swear to god I'll take what is mine

I know that I have reached a new low
But I'll have to dig if I ever want to grow
The change is colossal, but it hasn't even shown
Fuck it all I'll live in sin because either way I'll die alone